Beissert rose from a sunny clearing amidst the dark saxon forests and mountains. Beissert, boldog and hornung have honed their true genuine saxon war craft since early '05. Already 4 weeks after their founding they forged the first demo: a call to arms...for failed ones. A half year later they teamed up with Schiebert and the ultimate cast was found.

Over the following years they spent their time w\ sailing over stormy seas of hard and furious music. They traded their goods, won new impressions and influences and finally created in '07 ...nothin' left to luv! - a scraggly, lunatic witches' cauldron filled with elements of metal, doom, hardcore, stoner, noise and a lotta rock...saxon:blood:rock.

Now in '09 more and more darkness found it's way to the minds and music ov Beissert and now they sharpening their swords, anneal their axes and prepare their return. New warhymnes are written - skull crushing riffs, sometimes tuff and straight forward, then threatening, with deep addicting and nerve pulling melodies. Eerie fairy-tales about looting, pillaging, despoiling and celebrating darkness, ignorance, and calumny! Songs ov wolves, witches, war and wrath!

The grim manifestation the pusher will becloud the light of day in early '10 via Agonia.

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