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VI / Temple of Baal / The Order of Apollyn - split

Cart Price: 24.00 EUR or 27.00 USD
Format: 12"MLP w/ etching (gold)
Genre: Black Metal
Country: France
Release date: 2017
Label: Agonia Records
Availability: Available

Limited to 100 handnumbered copies gold vinyl with laser etching on side B + embroidered patch with the front cover's image.

Divided into three chapters, the recording will feature one brand new song from each of the artists, with a playing time nearing 25 minutes. 

- Chapter One: "Trident Of Flesh" (The Order Of Apollyon),
- Caput Secundum: "Non Sum Dignus" (Temple Of Baal),
- Troisème Chapitre: "Aucun d'entre vous ne sera sauvé. Car c'est impossible aux hommes et tout est possible à dieu. Il ne va rien rester de vous, rien de votre nombre, de votre grandeur" (VI).

Agonia Records ® 2012