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Beissert - The Pusher

Cart Price: 7.00 EUR or 8.00 USD
Format: digipack CD
Genre: Rock/Crossover/Thrash/Sludge
Country: Germany
Release date: 2010
Label: Agonia Records
Availability: Available

2nd album from Beissert! A mixture of psychodelic rock with tribal influences, crossover, thrash and sluge metal. Lyrics highly influenced by ancient myths, wolves, witches and wrath.

What a courageous debut! You should definitely keep an eye on that band. ROCK HARD (Germany)

Beissert deliver a threatening, rich metal opus. It electrifies! LEGACY MAGAZINE (Germany)

We love it…the band combines influences from CROWBAR, PANTERA, and NEVERMORE and tons of other bands in a rocking way that will leave you speechless…probably one of the freshest-sounding bands that we have heard in quite a while. After several listens to this album, the melodies behind the songs are stuck in our heads, something that does not happen quite often. The band has a very groovy and bombastic rocking sound that will have you headbanging from start to end…In general, The Pusher is one of the most diverse releases we have ever encountered and will surely blow you away since the first minute. If you like ANYTHING that has metal in its genre definition, then you will greatly enjoy Beissert’s latest release [9/10 rating]


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