Decrepit Birth - Polarity - CD


PRICE: 10.00 EUR OR 12.00 USD

Format: digipack CD
Genre: Death Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Release date: 2019
Label: Agonia Records

Limited  to 1000 copies digipack CD. Includes a bonus track.

"Polarity" is nearly decade-old and has aged handsomely into a technical death metal classic. All thanks to its cosmic formula and innovative sound that place DECREPIT BIRTH among the genre's heavy hitters. 

At the time of its original release, "Polarity" was well received by critics and entered the Billboard Heatseekers Chart at #18, selling well over a thousand copies in its first week of release in North America. The album was followed by a massive tour with Decapitated, The Faceless and All Shall Perish (the Summer Slaughter tour 2010).

"Polarity" was recorded at Legion Recording Studio (except for drums at Shark Bite Studios), mixed at Castle Ultimate Studios and mastered at West West Side Studios. Artwork by Dan Seagrave (Entombed, Hypocrisy, Vader) graces the album cover.

1. (A Departure of the Sun) Ignite the Tesla Coil 2. Metatron 3. The Resonance 4. Polarity 5. Solar Impulse 6. Mirroring Dimensions 7. A Brief Odyssey in Time 8. The Quickening of Time 9. Sea of Memories 10. Symbiosis 11. Darkness Embrace 12. Seen Through Dreams (Death cover - bonus track)

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