Furze - Reaper Subconscious Guide - LP


PRICE: 20.00 EUR OR 22.00 USD

Format: 12"LP (DIE HARD # 1)
Genre: Black Psych Metal
Country: Norway
Release date: 2011
Label: Agonia Records

Finally. The wait is over! FURZE's AMAZING new album available on a limited vinyl.
This is the first ever Norwegian Black Metal pure analog (A-A-A) album!

DIE HARD heavy (180 gram) silver/black splatter vinyl limited to 200 handnumbered copies. Comes with GIANT A1 poster and gatefold inlay.


It does have killer doom-riffage, reminding me at times of the 80s Pentagram with Victor Griffin and Joe Hasselvander, but ultimately, it's a bit more dark-doom than I'm really into. The riffs are indeed awesome, though, and I love the low-E bends like in the opening track.

- Geof O' Keefe of PENTAGRAM and BEDEMON

This album goes back to the very roots of black metal and stands out as a fresh cup of tea!
- Ravn of 1349

Furze....He has the best drum sound (recorded in a way that makes EVERYTHING on the drum kit sound REAL and clear - very seldom these days)
- Fenriz of Darkthrone

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