Origin - Antithesis (OriginsOfOrigin) - LP


PRICE: 25.00 EUR OR 27.00 USD

Format: 12" milky clear LP
Genre: Death Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Release date: 2019
Label: Agonia Records

Limited to 125 hand-numbered copies milky clear vinyl including insert with lyrics. The first black vinyl edition of the 4th album ever!

"Excited to present and complete the "Origins of Origin" series with our first four albums on vinyl with Agonia Records!" ORIGIN founding member/guitarist/vocalist Paul Ryan says. "This is the first time the ?Origin? and ?Informis Infinitas Inhumanitas? albums have ever been pressed on vinyl. ?Echoes of Decimation? and ?Antithesis? are also being pressed for those who missed out on the fun the first time through! Thanks to all the friends/fans of ORIGIN for the support all these years!".

On "Antithesis" the band says: ?The first Origin album to have previous members rejoin to write another album (the ?Informis?? lineup). It was a second chance to compose the most devastating music we could come up with at the time. We collaborated on what we had learned in the past and just tried to push the limits of what we could do again by pushing the tempos to the redline and working on more dynamic song structures as well".

1. The Aftermath
2. Algorithm
3. Consuming Misery
4. Wrath of Vishnu
5. Finite
6. The Appalling
7. Void
8. Ubiquitous
9. The Beyond Within
10. Antithesis

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