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Nefarium - Ad Discipulum

Cart Price: 10.00 EUR or 11.50 USD
Format: digipack CD
Genre: Black Metal
Country: Italy
Release date: 2010
Label: Agonia Records
Availability: Available

3rd opus from one of the strongest Black Metal acts coming out of Italy. Features Garghuf (ex-Gorgoroth, Enthroned) on drums as well as guest appearance on lead guitars by Archaon of 1349 and guest vocals by Wild Perversion of Mortuary Drape. Mixed and Mastered by Andy Larocque at Sonic Train Studio.

The unending research of devasting rythms and morbid riffs make Ad Discipulum a devastating album; a must have for every black metal fan. METAL HAMMER (It) 8,5/10

A dark and thrashy effort that is a melodic trance-like trip and a very good black metal journey. In a literal sea of insipid, boring, repetitive black bands attempting to channel the Dark Lord, Nefarium throws silly devices to the wind and produces quality black metal of high caliber…the fan with a true oceanic knowledge of what good black metal is will find that Nefarium’s third piece is not only a fast-moving testimonial to Hell, but is chock-full of surprises and moments of true brilliance all but extinct in today’s infinite number of bands claiming the black metal gauntlet.


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