Varathron - The Crimson Temple - HSW


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Format: HSW w /zipper
Genre: Black Metal
Country: Greece
Release date: 2023
Label: Agonia Records

Zipped HSW.

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With a sound characterized by epic atmospheres, progressive immersion and an old-school diehardness, "The Crimson Temple" marks the seventh installment from Greek trailblazers VARATHRON, known to be amongst the pioneers of the Hellenic Black Metal genre. The band's iconic vocalist Stefan Necroabyssious, who's been at VARATHRON's helm for the last 35 years, and whose "lust for unholy creations" has only ever gotten bigger and better, reflects, that "The Crimson Temple" has seen the band commit its unyielding devotion and uncompromising passion to every fine detail; from the album's meticulous production, mixing and mastering at Achilleas Kalantzis's Suncord Audiolab, to its rich visual side, designed and painted by Paolo Girardi.

"The album consists of 10 tracks in an epic, 46 minute ride into the depths of our deranged vision," comments band's leader Stefan. "As always, we shall never forget to express our eternal gratitude for your overwhelming support all these years. We are most eager to share everything with you!"

The opus arrives five years after "Patriarchs Of Evil"; a refreshing effort, which took many of the 2018's best-of hard rock & metal lists by storm, set the anticipation for "The Crimson Temple", and found VARATHRON's creative potential and musical zest on par with 1988 - the year it had all began. The band's line-up remains unchanged with Stefan Necroabyssious on vocals, Achilleas C on guitars & keyboards, Sotiris on guitars, Stratos on bass and Haris on drums. 

01. Ascension
02. Hegemony of Chaos
03. Crypts in the Mist
04. Cimmerian Priesthood
05. Sinners of the Crimson Temple
06. Immortalis Regnum Diaboli
07. To the Gods of Yore
08. Shrouds of the Miasmic Winds
09. Swamp King
10. Constellation of the Archons

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